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How Do You Know What to Believe?

For almost two years now we have been told that we are in a pandemic. It is reported that people around the world are getting very sick and many are dying from an infectious disease known as COVID 19. Interestingly,  it is being handled differently by each country and even differently within the same country. Various measures such as wearing masks, isolating people (lockdowns), vaccinations, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and even containment facilities (aka prisons) for those who refuse to be vaccinated are at the forefront of attempts to control this “pandemic”. Sadly, we don’t hear nearly as much about treatments for COVID 19 as these other methods.

Not surprisingly, there are no shortages as to what people believe about how to best deal with this “pandemic”. Presently, two primary camps have formed – those who embrace getting the vaccination (and the seemingly endless booster shots) and those who refuse them. This controversy has caused great conflict between family and friends, not to mention between citizens and their governments.

So, here’s the question – “How do you know what to believe?”

So, here’s the question – “How do you know what to believe?” The mainstream media seems to be in lockstep with what governments are advocating while alternative news sources generally disagree with the government’s position. What is the foundation for what you believe about this “pandemic”? Or perhaps you don’t even believe there is a “pandemic”, that it’s just one big conspiracy. What are your trusted news sources? What research can you rely on? Possibly you’ve never considered some of these questions, but surely you arrived at what you believe somehow!

Let me ask you to think about why you believe what you believe about this controversial “pandemic” and the various protective and treatment measures currently being used. (This is not a bad thing to do with all of your beliefs). In my next blog post, I will tell you how I arrived at my beliefs about the COVID 19 “pandemic”. Until then, take some time for some undistracted thinking (i.e., turn off your phone and the television).           Rick